Saturday, August 2, 2008


We're off to Tennessee tomorrow for a family reunion of sorts, on my fiance's side. It should be fun. If not, hey, at least it's an entire week of no work. We've got a state park all picked out for a big picnic, and the jetski and tube are coming along with us. The hardest parts of today and tomorrow - saying goodbye to the Girls. Dropped Little Girlie off at the kennel this morning. I cried. We got back, the house was too empty and too quiet. I cried again. Spending time with Old Girlie today and trying to hide evidence of my impending departure from her. There will be tears tomorrow morning, too, as I depart and leave her in the capable hands of my pet-sitter.

  • Did a quick and dirty 10 minute run on treadmill at 5.5mph, pretty much my top cruising speed.. a speed I'd never think I could even aspire to when I first started running.


  • Cleaning is the order of the day, exercise-wise. That and I will be riding my bike in a parade here shortly today, as part of our EMS bike team.

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