Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's Session

You know how people dread root canals and colonoscopies? That's how I was dreading my session today. Why was I dreading it? Because I really didn't have anything good to report. I was going to have to go in there and honestly face that I have really slacked for the past month on exercise and watching portions and reviewing my 12 steps.

And that, precisely, is why I didn't cancel.

Today's points of interest:
  • I decided to go back to every 2 week sessions for now, rather than once a month. This is the time last year I pretty much unraveled and went on a 6 month bender, gaining 30lbs during the couch and cookie dough olympics
  • I really need to review my 12 steps. Like from the beginning.
  • I haven't really done any relevant reading. I am going to pick up something today. Maybe the hated Dr. Phil's diet solution or whatever it is. My therapist claims the exercises in the book are actually useful. I trust her so I will take her word for it and try to get past the Dr. Phil part.
  • I have realized that I really love exercise. When it's my idea. When I get it in my head that I have to do x number of miles or minutes on a treadmill or x number of dvds a day, I rebel immediately. However if I take the dog for a walk uphill through the woods and break a nice sweat, or help my friend train her search dog by running away from him in the woods, I'm fine with that. So I need to build a lot of incidental exercise into my days.
  • Speaking of incidental exercise. I am so. busted. I have always taken the elevator to my therapist's office rather than the stairs. Usually it's because I'm running late and need to get up there. Trust me. I'm not *that person* who drives around the Wal-Mart parking lot for 25 minutes so I can get the closest space. When I have time, I will intentionally park far away, or take the stairs rather than the elevator. I always had in the back of my mind that one day I might actually run into her on my way off the elevator and have to explain myself. I've been waiting for the longest time for her to ask if I take the steps or elevator. Well, today she asked. And I am busted.
  • At some point, my therapist will be running an additional support group and I will have the opportunity to take advantage of that support. A group already exists, however there's no space, so she's creating a second group. This will be interesting.

So I didn't really exercise yesterday. Unless you count trying to walk off my corn dog and ice cream at the amusement park. However, I did take the dog for a nice hilly woods hike on Sunday, followed by several short runs through the woods helping my friend train her search and rescue dog. And I didn't even resent it.

*files this information in brain for later use*

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