Sunday, June 29, 2008

Backassward body-image

I wish sometimes I could have the standard, garden variety body-image issues that normal people have. You know, people who look in the mirror and see themselves twice as big as they really are. Instead, I'm cursed with a reverse body-image issue. I look in the mirror and all I can see is that I fit into jeans that didn't fit 2 weeks ago, and I feel toned. Athletic. Downright slim, some days. Then I see pictures of myself. And, although it is evident the scale is on a downward trend, I now notice that the maybe that skort wasn't such a good choice, especially for an activity such as bowling.

Being an avid people-watcher, I've come to the conclusion that I can't be the only one that suffers from this malady. Otherwise we'd never look at some random woman - in a tube top with backfat hanging out the top and a big ol' muffin-top hanging over her asscrack-showing jeans - and say (to ourselves or someone else), "Damn, did she look in the mirror before she left the house??"