Friday, August 22, 2008

Does she have to be right ALL the time?

I mean, I go to my appointments for the most part religiously. I respect her advice, having overcome an overeating disorder herself. But dammit, could she be wrong at least once?

The past couple of appointments, she would ask me about my portions. "They're good!" I'd say, then maybe admit to a little bit of portion creep. She'd just look at me enigmatically, and say levelly, "Well, you almost have to be eating more than you need. Otherwise more weight would be coming off."

Determined to prove that I had been eating only what I needed, I plugged the last couple of days into Fitday, hoping to see that I was starving myself and trying to sustain life on a mere 450 calories per day. (Remember, for the last couple of days I've cut my portions basically in half).

Yesterday. 1200-some calories. Today. 1400-ish.

Busted again. If my calories before the last several days have been, say, 75%-100% more than what I'm doing now? 2100-2800 calories. Damn. Now, I'm not one of those calorie-obsessed people who will substitute low-cal this and fat-free that and fake the other in order to achieve my caloric goals. If I want butter, it's gonna be butter. Not that plastic stuff that comes in tubs an unnatural shade of bright yellow. If I want oil on my salad, it's going to be a nice, fruity extra virgin olive oil, tricked out with some basil and garlic from the farmer's market - not some low-cal high fructose corn syrup sweetened spray crap that claims it's "healthy". Full fat yogurt and cheese products, because low fat dairy is full of nasty filler. So I will have to give up some volume in order to achieve this.

The good news is, I've been perfectly satisfied on the portions of real, unprocessed stuff that I have been eating. Who knew?

Oh. She did.

Damn her!

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