Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm not pleased with myself.

I essentially talked myself out of exercising today, then procrastinated to the point that it was not possible to do so at all before I started a double shift at noon.

Want a look into the thought process of a sick brain? Here it is:

9:40am Leave Dan's house, drive home. While driving home thing about doing one of the variable hill settings on the treadmill for 30 minutes

10:00am Arrive home. Love on/pet/brush Old Girlie. Wonder to self if 20 minutes will do the trick

10:10am Feed Old Girlie, wait for her to need to poop (She often doesn't realize she has to until it's just about to happen. You have to sit there - yes sit - because if she thinks you're in a hurry to do something she won't go outside. Anyway, you have to watch for her tail to go up and her pooper to start contracting.) No. I am not joking. I wish I were.

10:15am Pass time getting healthy, balanced meals ready for double shift. Wonder to self if I should eat before or after working out, knowing that workouts don't go too well with food in the belly.

10:30am Decide to make breakfast now so that I can just work out and not be interuppted by needing breakfast. Wonder to self about the merits of straight cardio (running I had planned) vs. cardio + strength (10 Minute Trainer dvds). Think to self that strength + cardio = always better than straight cardio. Wonder to self if that will help me on the Vo2 max test or not.

10:35am Eat breakfast, turn on dvr'ed episode of - wait for it - "I Lost It!" while contemplating if I should give my knee (not currently hurting) "one more day of rest". The irony of sitting on my ass, watching a show about weight loss and healthy lifestyles, while I should be exercising, does not escape me. See out of corner of eye, Old Girlie's tail going up as if hoisted by that stage twine that helps people fly onstage, and the telltale pooper contractions. Jump up in time to let her outside to Robopoop.

10:40am At this point, I now have time to do either a 20 minute treadmill program or (2) TMT dvds.

10:45am Here is where the critical failure occurs. I make my way upstairs. I've already lost 5 minutes somehow and I'm not even changed into workout clothes. Now I have "only 15 minutes - only 15 minutes - only 15 minutes" running through my addled brain and it is at this point I decide I "need" to give my non-painful knee another day of rest, and decide to go pay a bill online that I could pay an hour from now online, once I get to work.

11:00am Still surfing online, bill's been paid for 14 minutes now.

11:05am Get in shower and get ready for work, relieved that God Forbid, I didn't have to exert myself or break a sweat yet today

11:35am Leave for work, pissed off at self

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