Monday, August 11, 2008

Home, well-rested, and overfed.

What is it about being away from home that is so destructive to my attitudes about eating? It would be easy to blame each of us for cooking as if we were trying to feed Ethiopia. Or B for getting a kid's cookbook and wanting to try out her yummy recipes on us. Or the "Hey, it's vacation!" mindset that seemed to totally cancel my best-intentioned plans of a short workout each day. But placing blame would just be going back to the same cycle of deny/continue undesirable behavior that got me where I am in the first place. All I can do now is dive back into my routine at home and do better next time.

By the way, we had a pretty great time. The mountains of Tennessee were gorgeous, the company was - for the most part - good, and we got to spend lots of quality time outdoors, which made me a happy camper. Literally. I just don't feel like it's vacation if I sit around in a condo or rental house. I can do that at home. I need to have woods, mountains, beaches, or a large body of water in very close proximity (walking distance preferred) to make me a happy vacationer. I had 3 of the 4, and we even camped out in the tent a couple of nights in the backyard. Norris Lake was warm, breathtakingly beautiful, and had great access for our jetski at one of the county parks. If it were up to me, I'd have spent every day there.

Oh. Did I tell you I'm in love? Yep. Look at him. His name is Queez. We locked eyes across a crowded aisle at Kohl's yesterday and I just knew right then I'd do just about anything to get him to go home with me. Now he's down there in the kitchen waiting for me, all shiny and silver and full of nuclear hot (but not scorched and bitter) coffee - Best I've had in a long time. About $30 more than I was going to spend on a similar Hamilton Beach contraption, but I had difficulty finding the model I wanted, and patience is not my strong suit, especially where my morning fix is concerned.

I have yet to work out today. I'm afraid to look at the schedule, actually. What I'm going to do, I think, is get a 20 minute jog in, then check the TMT schedule and get a minimum of 1 workout in, with the hopes of doing 2 or 3. Usually once I get warmed up it's not too difficult.

Teva tan! Best part of summer.

Action shot on the jetski


Gorgeous rock formations

Beautiful Norris Lake

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