Saturday, August 16, 2008

Status quo

I haven't felt like doing much of anything this week, including sitting here typing this post. There's really nothing new to report. I'm feeling unmotivated, tired, and headachey. Eating has been good and portions have been good. Exercise? What's that?

I'm giving myself one more day to slack and then I'm going to be back to doing something on Monday. Though on Monday it may only be one TMT dvd, because I have a class then possibly an amusement park trip.

Things I have been thinking:
  • There's a route I've walked that is 3.5 miles out and back from my house. It includes a significantly long and steep hill, so even if it's only walked, it's a workout. I've been toying with the idea of walk/jogging it and seeing if I could eventually get to the point where I jog the whole thing. 3.5 miles is totally do-able to me on a treadmill. Outdoors, though? *shudder* Say it with me: Mental block.
  • These fatigue/headache symptoms every month are definitely increased than when I was younger. I really hope this isn't some peri-menopausal hormonal shift. Geez - let me get married first!
  • I bet I'd be feeling better physically if I were doing something that made me sweat instead of sitting here typing a bitchfest about it.

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