Wednesday, July 16, 2008


.. was technically supposed to be a day off running, but I really felt like it. And when you feel like doing something that's good for you, dammit, you get to steppin' and you DO it.

I was planning on modifying the W5D2 workout to walk 5, run 10, repeat x1. However I got interrupted toward the end of my warmup by some hot guy walking right into my house! Luckily, he loves me so he didn't seem to be disgusted by my workout attire: sports bra, shorts and running shoes. I, personally, was mortified. By the way his eyes were fixated on my boobs, I determined that he didn't notice anything other than those 38Ds bouncing with each step.

Anyway, my workout got cut short because I had to leave soon. So I ran an easy 15. I guess I didn't get as out-of-shape as I thought on my self imposed lazyass break from hard exercise.

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