Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes motivation just falls right into your lap.

Remember a few posts ago, when I lamented my fluffiness and said I needed to start running again?

Motivation has rung my doorbell and left a flaming bag of poop at the doorstep.

We've found a IPMBA instructor to teach the certification course for our bike team. However, we'll have to pass a physical beforehand which includes body fat analysis and a treadmill stress test. My plan is to kick ass on both. I'm not bragging, but hey. I have to be truthful. I can kick anyone's ass at body fat right now. In fact, I've got some to spare in case one of the guys is underfat.

But seriously. I'm sure I could do passably on the treadmill test in my current condition. But since I'm going to win the body fat contest so handily, I figure I should kick everyone's ass at the treadmill test as well. Everyone. Even the 21 year old. Especially the 21 year old. I want that instructor to shake her head and say to herself, "Daaaaaaamn. The fat chick outran all of them!"
More importantly, I want the guys to all go home crying because a chunky 37 year old woman pwnd them on the stress test.

Hello motivation.

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