Sunday, July 20, 2008


... is what DONE looks like.

Tonight, after finishing a 12 hour shift, my 10 minute trainer schedule informed me that my only obligation for today was Yoga Flex. And that was fine and dandy with me. I had blown off working out again this morning, having tried to reset my alarm in my sleep - don't try that, it never works out for the good - and barely made it to work on time.

Yesterday, my 10 minute workout schedule was Total Body (mandatory), Cardio and Lower Body (optional). The plan had been to do the mandatory one in the morning before work and do another dvd, or run on the treadmill, when I got home. All I ended up doing was the Total Body, before work in the morning. Which had some moves that I felt like I was trying to do through a coating of molasses, and the dvd chick seemed to be doing while hopped up on amphetamines and anabolic steroids and on fast forward. But I am definitely feeling it all over, so I must have indeed gotten the total body workout.

Yoga Flex was a really nice break. It's not a total walk in the park, and it reminded me that I have a really long way to go regarding flexibility. However, I would really benefit from doing this particular workout every day. There are lots of really deep hip and glute opening stretches that you hold for 30 seconds at a time - these and my pyriformis were always problem areas with muscle tightness and knots.

Also got a 20 minute run in on treadmill. I wanted to quit really badly after 10, but I kept thinking about that stress test coming up in about 9 weeks, and about how badly I want to show everyone else up.. and I kept going. Go me.

Tomorrow's menu:
  • Cardio dvd - mandatory
  • Abds dvd - optional
  • Yoga Flex dvd - optional

I'm going to try to get all 3 in, since it's a day off.

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