Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Such is my mania

It's just a blurry camera phone picture, but you can see that clearly someone has gone nuts and is percolating coffee on the grill. That would be me. It all started the day before yesterday, the day my life was forever changed by a miniscule hole toward the bottom of my coffee carafe. Per my usual routine, I set it in the sink and filled it up with cold water, in preparation to make the vital nectar which would motivate me and keep me awake and non-homicidal for the next several hours.

Carafe full. Water off. I feed the Old Girl then turn back to the sink to retrieve my carafe and make my coffee. It's empty. *blink* *blink* Knowing I sometimes forget stuff when I'm not caffeinated, I fill it again. Then I hear it. The sound of water trickling. A hole, no bigger than 3mm across along the bottom third of the carafe, is the culprit. This is the second carafe I've had with this machine, and I had to special-order it online because I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm in no shape to drive anyway - I haven't had my coffee, for Godssakes!

I made do the first day with some tea-bag-like contraptions that actually contain instant coffee. Ick. It kept the dope-sick headache away, at least. (I had them in my camping stuff; I don't routinely set out to buy stuff that sucks - I feel the need to inform everyone). Another thing I remembered I had in my camping stuff was this wonderful percolator. Precisely because I had had the instant stuff on one camping trip and swore never again.

You can't even imagine my excitement when I saw the beautiful amber liquid bubbling up into the top of the percolator, after about 25 minutes on the grill. I had forgotten how great of a pot of coffee that percolator makes. So, until I get back from my trip next week, that's gonna be the source of my fix. Then I'm going to be on the prowl for a Hamilton Beach BrewStation. No more carafes to break!

Of course, they too may disappear from the face of the earth, just because I posted about them. Look at what happened to Scrabulous.

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  1. oh, yum, percolator coffee! makes me want to go camping. Why is that stuff so good anyway?