Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weirdest dream. Ever.

Let me preface this by saying if I'm going to nap on the couch, it may be best to turn off MSNBC, or at least mute the sound.

In my dream, I'm driving up the road. I see a police car behind me, lights flashing. I check myself, realize I'm (for once) driving the speed limit and making no egregious traffic violations, and pull over. The cop speeds past me and pulls another car over. I get the familiar *whew* feeling and proceed up the road. Next thing I know, the police car is coming right AT me, in my lane. I pull into a parking lot. The cop walks over with a nun on his arm. (This must have been from the dvr'ed episode of The Cleaner I had been watching before I put the news on). He approaches my window and tells me this nun needs to be taken up the street and dropped off at xyz location, and that I am going to take her there. He also tells me that the nun is a "big fan of John McCain" and that I should respect her views. My mouth opens to tell him that maybe I'm not the best person to taxi this nun up the street, but he silences me gruffly and gently seatbelts the nun into the passenger seat of my car. He then gives me a stern no monkey business look and stops traffic so I can pull out of the lot and we proceed up the street. Immediately the nun starts a very combative political discussion. Wouldn't you think a nun would rather start a religious discussion? But no. Politics. And she was very opinionated. I don't remember the content of her diatribe, but I remember at one point she said something outright offensive and I couldn't keep my trap shut any longer. I told her exactly how I felt about the toll the last 8 years has taken on our nation and our people and then gave her my opinion on her buddy McCain. At that point she became so incensed that she cried, "I'm getting OUT!" and opened the car door. I was able to pull off into another parking lot before she could pull a tuck n' roll, and she slammed the car door extra hard and gave me a dirty look as she stalked off into the sunset. I was just starting to shake off the weirdness of the whole thing, when the same cop pulls up and in front of my car, so I can't leave. He proceeds back to his familiar spot at my driver's side window and reads me the riot act for not getting the nun to her destination, that it was MY job to protect her. The last thing I remember before waking up is yelling back at him, "I tried to tell you!"

Weird, no?

On today's schedule is some sort of running, then:
  • Lower Body (mandatory)
  • Abs (optional)
  • Total Body (optional)

Looks like a tough day.

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