Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing like...

... being so busy with a patient that you don't notice the demented lady pull silently up to the doorway in her wheelchair, only to let out a blood-curdling scream directed at you.

"Excuse me, spare some Depends? Oh, and a couple wipes please. No. Not for her. For ME."

It was like that idiotic video floating around on the internet. You know, the one where you're supposed to watch the video and suddenly a scary face pops up and screams its head off at you.

Not all dementia patients are like a Starbucks redeye with a meth chaser. Some are better than a Hallmark card and flowers delivered to you at work, though. I went into the wrong room trying to locate a patient once and was greeted by the nicest little old Alzheimers patient I'd ever met. Her face lit up when she saw me walk in. She held both of my hands and told me she loved me "so much". Then she hugged me and rubbed my back. Being in the throes of PMS it was the nicest thing that had happened to me that week, and I truly didn't want to leave. I wanted to sit and hang out with this little old lady I'd never met before. Have her hug me and rub my back some more. Maybe have some tea and cookies.

I sure could use some tea and cookies today. Played softball for the first time this season, yesterday. That first inning at 3rd base was ugly, and captured on film no less. Notice none of them are posted. That is deliberate. However, I had a few good hits and made up for the first inning's fumbles. Today I'm so sore from head to toe that I am fully convinced that I could get myself beach-body ripped by merely throwing a ball and swinging a bat several times, followed by a couple short sprints. Either that or I'm getting old.

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