Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 More Days of Daylights

And then I get four wonderous! beautious! fabulous! weeks of night shift. Three, actually, and a week of vacation. Even better.

I love working nights. Everyone goes where they're supposed to go, does what they're supposed to do. No Monkey Wrench screwing up the works. And, outside of work, I get stuff done. I feel almost like I have a full day off, then go to work. House gets cleaned. Dogs get walked. Shopping gets done. Tasks get crossed off to-do lists that have sat and gathered dust for four weeks while I shuffled zombie-like through daylights.. eating, sleeping, working, but barely much else. I am planning to get a few good hikes in with the Little Girlie, as I haven't gotten to do that yet this summer. Hiking and camping are summer must-dos.

Working out: I did the Cardio and Abds dvds the other day but did not get to the Yoga Flex. I'm ok with that. The first two together were a hell of a workout; there were moves in the Abds workout I couldn't do as fast or as well as the buff dvd chick, but I get a second crack at Abds tonight, and I'm sure today I will show improvement. Yesterday I did Total Body and Lower Body. I'm already noticing that some of the moves I couldn't complete the first time, I could do with no trouble this time around. And I'm feeling a pleasant soreness in my core muscles today, so I know it's doing its thing. Today's schedule calls for Yoga Flex, then Cardio and Abds as optional. I am thinking I will try and get all three in after work tonight. I need to figure out a schedule for before/after work exercising that I can fit in a short run in addition to these dvds, and I think the run and the dvds need to be at separate times, since the 10 minute trainer is so intense. So far I've stuck to the schedule and haven't missed a 10 minute trainer day. I've done the bare minimum some days, but I've done something every day, and that's been a goal of mine.

Had a session yesterday and figured out some things that I probably already knew. (That's why talking to someone impartial is good - they have no problem pointing stuff out to you that you may be denying to yourself). Among the revelations we came up with yesterday:
  • I'm not doing to great on portion control, but at least I am eating healthy for the most part, so I need to get back my mindfulness when eating.
  • I am a competetive little shit. Hence the sudden landing of my butt back on the treadmill because of an upcoming stress test I have to take with other people. So it would probably benefit me to find some sort of club/group for a regularly scheduled athletic pursuit.
  • I need to be going back over and reinforcing the info in all the written exercises I did in the earlier sessions, and be mindful that this journey should be more about my health than my weight.
  • I need to be doing more reading that is relevant to my food issues to keep my head in the game.

These are all infinitely do-able, and I left yesterday's session feeling pretty good about the plan and how I'd improved over the past month.

And my personal to-do list for the upcoming weeks:

  • figure out how to balance a run at least every other day with these dvds
  • hike
  • camp
  • bike
  • clean carpets
  • put away laundry, forGodssakes. Folded in a laundry basket does not = put away.

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