Sunday, June 21, 2009

If you're superstitious, or if you're a medic...

... then you know there's Still One Out There.

(sort of like the old X-Files tagline "The Truth Is Out There", except medic-specific). Yes. Bad things really do come in threes. Just like, inexplicably, with each full moon, psych calls increase exponentially. It's just one of those facts of life written indelibly in SharpieTM in the Old Testament of the Bible of Public Safety and Healthcare.

Saturday morning: Motor vehicle crash with entrapment. I don't usually think much of it when they say "with entrapment" around here because, frankly, they say that every time someone can't open their damn car door. However, this one was truly entrapped.. and partially ejected out of the passenger side door of the little sedan that was lying on (one guess?) yep.. on its passenger side. I fly a patient to the hospital maybe once a year. This was that once, though I was a little regretful when they finally extricated him and I saw that his airway probably would not have presented problems if I had ground-transported him. I'm old-skool like that, yo. I don't like to fly patients I could ground. He's still unconscious from that closed head injury, though, so the helicoptor was justified.

Today: just how to you get up enough speed on short uphill on-ramp, for Chrissakes, to flip your vehicle end-over-end? Quite a trick to have it land back on its wheels, too, but it would have been an even cooler trick if the guy could have lived to tell his grandkids about it. Ejected again... probably out the back window.

That's two. There's Still One Out There. (Hopefully that third one will be smart enough to wear his/her/its seatbelt)

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