Monday, June 8, 2009

And this is why...

... you should always patronize the mom-and-pop businesses in your area.

Had another of the world's dumbest deer strike my fender and headlight - the brand new fender and headlight from the first dumb deer that ran smack into my car.

Of course you can't just replace the cracked headlight cover. The whole assembly has to be replaced. $$$$. Not to mention the thingey that holds it in place. (I believe when you look that up in the Pontiac parts catalog that's what it says - "thingey that holds headlight in place that also costs way too much").

Stopped in at the garage down the street where I've been taking my cars forever. The guy popped the hood, looked at it, and told me to bring it down next week and he'd have it fixed in an hour. Some sort of clear glue for the crack in the headlight cover and a brace and epoxy for the expensive thingey behind the headlight. He grabbed the fender, leaned back, and muscled it back to where it was before Bambi II and my car so fatefully met. Bodywork = free.

No deductible. No appointment. No b.s.

I hope these guys never retire.

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