Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is better than Prozac

I am in love.

Let me introduce you. Her name is Dragonfly, and she is my kayak. Now, I had all intentions of giving my Perception Prodigy - the 2nd best Christmas gift EVER, in case you were wondering - a totally badass name. Also since I got shot down on naming the jetskis Shepherd I and Shepherd II, it was pretty firm in my mind that I was going to honor my girls in some way with the boat's name.

But life, serendipity, whatever ... likes to throw little monkey wrenches into our plans all the time.

Sitting in the middle of the lake, enjoying the sounds of families fishing, other boaters paddling by, the croaking of the bullfrogs, and the occasional splash as a fish does an acrobatic jump up out of the water - it happened. The most perfect blue dragonfly lit on the bow of my kayak. It matched perfectly the color of the boat and the natural beauty all around me.

And just like that, another one of my inanimate objects has been brought to life.

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