Sunday, May 10, 2009

The good and the bad

It's been a pretty great weekend for me.. Finishing a 5k (and NOT on a treadmill - wow!), meeting up with good friends, and seeing Atlanta through the eyes of an architecture and history buff.

Not such a great weekend for Dan. He got a phone call that his Mom was hospitalized with cardiac symptoms, and he was fortunate to be able to drop everything and head to Tennessee to be with her - a rare occurrence for him to be able to travel on such short notice.

He would not hear of me canceling my meetup and 5k plans to go with him. So here we are, about 200 miles from each other, both far from home.

I have some time on my hands later, a full tank of gas, and a little talking box in my car that will get me to any address I tap into its keyboard.

I'm going to go spend the night with him.

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