Friday, May 29, 2009

90% compliance.

When put in such cut and dry terms, I think it's achievable. I'm talking about the 90% compliance with your nutrition plan that Tom Venuto advocates for losing body fat without depriving oneself and feeling that one must be "perfect".

This flies in the face of my all-or-nothing mentality, which is good, because that mentality has only set me back and gotten me fatter in the past.

Venuto's experience with training clients is that if they follow their nutrition plan 90% of the time, then "what you eat the other 10% of the time won't matter much." He finds this more effective than allowing a full cheat day, which I can tell you personally turns into a "cheat half-year" for me. While you're at it, he advises, don't call them cheats. Give it a positive connotation instead.

I think I'll call mine giggity-giggitys.

Don't think I haven't thought this over. Seven days with 3 meals and 2 snacks each per day. 35 meals/snacks per week. 90% of that is precisely 31.5. If I feel like rounding it up it's 32. So 3 times in a week I can have a giggity-giggity.

Allll riiiiight.

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