Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ethics - A pleasant surprise

The Kentucky Derby favorite, I Want Revenge, scratched from the lineup this morning. David Lanzman, the breeder and a part-owner of the colt, was quoted as saying, "They gave me their opinion of what was best for the horse. At that point, there was no debate (about scratching)," Lanzman said. "I’m glad the horse is OK."

How ethical, and humane, and reasonable - in a sport where humane treatment of these beautiful animals is in short supply.

In my eyes, they won today.


  1. I know nothing about this....

    I would think that horse racing, the animals would be treated great. Is that not the case? I see them being a cared for and pampered investment.

    I know that dog racing is deplorable though as there is no short supply of dogs and their "glory" days of good racing are not very long.

  2. Actually, Lizz, they treat race horses who aren't "fast enough" pretty similarly. They used to use them for pet food, but now since the US doesn't allow that, they just get put down. :(