Sunday, March 1, 2009


Now, then. I can totally understand why a dementia patient - who can't put together a coherent sentence any more and who doesn't realize she's on this planet - could mistake the above for food. I mean... look at it! It's shaped like a gingerbread guy, with that come-hither eat-me smirk on his little face. And he's approximately the color of, oh, chocolate chip cookie dough! So I don't bear any ill will toward the poor demented 89 year old, who took several bites out of his leg and sustained a localized reaction to her lips that made her look as if she'd gone to see Lisa Rinna's plastic surgeon for collagen injections.

That is where my understanding stops. Because someone that lives in this locked dementia care unit did not go out and buy this lye-ridden imposter. A family member had to have bought it. What bonehead would give a dementia patient a soap that looks like yummy cookies?? Couldn't find any seashell shapes, or hey, the standard square non-appetizing cake of soap?

People never fail to amaze me.

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