Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still plugging away

Sudden onset of ankle and achilles pain halfway in shortened my workout to 40 minutes; but it's better than nothing. I will load up on Naproxen and be back at it tomorrow. I really thought I had kicked (ha!) this achilles thing. 

In other news, Black Beauty arrived yesterday. I'm ripping more old cds into iTunes so I only have to sync him once before I get to listen to my entire library in the car *bliss*. Ol' Blue the 4G will remain in service and will have the important job of holding my workout music all in one place. 

Now. If I can just get my car alarm/remote starter remote to work, I will be a happy girl. Oh. And a new dress. And a new pair of shoes. And a cut and highlight. Eyebrows threaded. Some chocolate...

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