Thursday, March 12, 2009


... this?

Well, now I know what they're thinking. My partner and I were privy to a conversation in the ambulance parking area, between a hospital security guard and mid-40s tough-guy-wannabe (who ended up looking more like a spoiled toddler than a tough guy)

There it was, the single clueless SUV taking up a space in the ambulance parking area. I'm sure it looks like prime parking real estate, being right in front of the ER entrance - especially you're one of those self-important types with a raging case of COTUS

The security guard must have tracked this guy down in one of the ER rooms (he was a visitor, not a patient), and asked him to move his vehicle. The conversation we witnessed went a little something like this:

Pissed-off middle aged tough guy: "This isn't over, buddy"
 *cue menacing glance* (who even says that, outside of bad action movies, anyway??)

Security guard: "All I asked you to do is move your vehicle to the parking area provided for ER patients and visitors."

POMATG: "WHY??? Why Can't I use that space? The lot isn't even full up here!"
SG: *sighing* "These spaces are clearly marked 'Ambulances and Police Vehicles only'."

POMATG: *smug grin*
"Well, where are the ambulances, huh? Huh?"

SG: *trying to be patient*
"These spaces are reserved for the ambulances so that when 6 of them come in at once, and they do, there are spaces for them. Again. They are clearly marked."

POMATG:"Hey. You know what? I want your badge number!" 
(again... people really do this?)

SG: *gives name and badge number and calls his supervisor right in front of the guy*

POMATG: *gets even more pissed-off, now practically stomping his feet* (at this point I'm waiting for him to hold his breath until he gets his way)
"I bet if my guts were hanging out you wouldn't have a problem with me parking here."

SG: *keeping a straight face, I have no idea how*
"No, sir. If your guts were hanging out we'd valet park your vehicle for you."

POMATG: *finally speechless, stomps off to move his SUV*

Just a reminder.. don't be that guy. 

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  1. I want to be that guy!

    And by that guy, I mean the security guard. :heart: