Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts - What, exactly, does this shopping trip say about me?

It started out as a hectic Wednesday afternoon. I had a class to teach. He had work to do and a little one to meet at the school bus. We weren't going to see each other til at least 9pm anyway. I luck out and my class is cancelled due to weather. He, however, is busy doing his own thing. All the stressors of working together and trying to have a relationship while doing so have meanwhile come to a head. This culminates in us deciding that we're going to take the evening and cool down some of the volatile emotions that we've been lobbing back and forth at each other at work this past week, like toxic little poison-filled racquetballs.

So, what do you do with yourself when it's finally dumping snow (not rain!!) on your town, the sparkly white fluffy stuff of your dreams, and you've got an entire evening to yourself? If you're me, you go on an Odyssey, of sorts. 

Ok. So he's made his points. I've made mine. Ad nauseum, I'm sure. My first stop was a mushy card that he'll get tomorrow. 

I'll admit, sushi is a strange comfort food, but to me.. comfort food, it is. I guess a sushi binge is better than a Big Mac attack.

A girl's gotta have a beverage. *shrug*

Uhhh. I don't really have a good explanation for these. 

This, I've been wanting for a while. I could have picked a more inspiring time to buy it. Like.. when I graduated C25K - rather than making its maiden voyage a bloated post-sushi/wine/pistachio crunch weigh in. 

Again. No explanation, really. Except that they tested it on the news and gave it 4 out of 4 stars. What goes better with wine than hair removal?

When you put it all together, it actually looks pretty ridiculous. 

This, however... this is heaven on a plate. Working Girl on the dvr. Snow falling outside. My old dog leaning on me and looking deeply into my eyes (I'll pretend it's love-related and not sushi-related). And the promise of a better day tomorrow. 



  1. Janis, you did not provide a link to that scale! :tap:

    And you're crazy.