Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day for inspiration and change

You'd have to have dust running through your veins not to be inspired by the inauguration of Barack Obama. I remember the day after election day, and the conversation I had with my 93 year old patient. How we commiserated on the state of the economy, the world's view of the United States, and the general feeling everywhere, of just wanting to get this 8-year span of time over with. It amazed me that someone so many generations removed from my own, someone who had personally experienced so much history and so many changes, still wanted change with all his heart. I never thought I would have that much in common with a person 56 years older than me.

As I stopped what I was doing today to listen to our new President speak - something I did just about every time he's given a speech - I contemplated my own life and the positive changes I wanted to make. Who do I want to be, when others think of me? More importantly, though: Who do I want to be when I envision myself?

With that in mind - and newly determined to meet my latest goal - I got back into 5K training mode today. First and foremost I need to be a person who exercises every day, and exercises hard most days. I need to be the 93 year old that walks proudly to the polls on election day; one who has no use for a wheelchair, or a walker, or even a cane. I need to be the mom who can run after the kids, after a 14 hour day that started with a 3 mile run or a run across the lake on a kayak. I need to be that person in the woods running uphill with the dog, not stopping mid-hill. I need to be the person who respects myself enough to give myself an hour each day for my health and my future health. I need to be the fun Grandma who plays tag and tosses a ball around with the grandkids.

Today: 3 slow miles

Today's musical inspiration:

Alan Parsons Project
So What
Devil Without a Cause
Kid Rock
In the Ayer
Flo Rida
Bad Influence
All That We Needed
Plain White T's
The Notorious B.I.G.
Bleed It Out
Linkin Park
Hey Mama
Black Eyed Peas
Synchronicity I
The Police
Salt Shaker
Ying Yang Twins
Hands Held High
Linkin Park

...Back at it tomorrow for 3.


  1. "I need to be the person who respects myself enough to give myself an hour each day for my health and my future health."

    Well said, Janis. I think I will embrace that motto too. I love that you likened it to respecting oneself.

  2. Great post! Even though cliche now, "be the change you want to be" is my new life motto.

  3. Alie, I actually just bought myself a sterling ring inscribed with that very thing: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." It's my little symbol of commitment to myself.

  4. Errr...be the change you want to see :slow: