Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like finding an old friend...

Ever do something you hadn't done in a while? Remembered how good you were at it, and how good it felt to you? I had a similar reawakening during the pool portion of our water rescue class. Despite being fully clothed - shoes and all - I glided easily through the water, remembering my swim team days in high school. When the class was over, I wanted more pool time.

The nice thing about my high school alma mater is that they open the pool up to the public 3 evenings per week, and charge a mere $2 for an adult to swim. My fiance and I have brought the little one and her best friend several times. It's great! The kids wear themselves out, and we get a workout chasing them around the pool. I swim a few laps here and there when we're all there together, but I don't concentrate on working out during these outings.

I discovered that the 7pm-9pm timing of these family swim nights works nicely around my work schedule at times. When I actually get out of work on time at 8pm, I can get a good 40 minutes in. Now that I'm on nights, I can get a good solid 30 minutes in, if I get there exactly at opening time.

It's put quite a spring in my step the past couple weeks, knowing that if I budget my time right, I can get a swim and a workout in at the same time. There are other things I could do, and will do, on off days. But let's face it; if the treadmill and workout dvds are all I have to look forward to, I'll get bored and start blowing off workouts. Variety is the spice of life.. just add some water to mine.

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