Monday, August 17, 2009

You know your double is starting to go to hell...

...when this is the only way to keep the blood from your patient's uncontrolled bleeding head lac from overtaking the back of the truck. This is just a fraction of the bleeding - pretty much what weasled its way around the multiple pressure dressings and dripped off the back of the stretcher. There were long clots of coagulated choogie, as I like to call it, hanging from the back of the stretcher as we wheeled the guy in to the E.D. Enough to even make me gag.
You may not be able to tell from the above picture, but that actually tells one quite a bit about the benevolence and empathy of the attending medic (moi!) Wasn't that nice of me to try and contain the mess a bit to minimize my partner's clean-up nightmare? Yeah, I thought so too.
So.. the bleeding head wound above: I had a guy, wearing no protective gear, wreck his motorcycle on the highway at 60mph today, and he wasn't bleeding anywhere near like this guy. Life just ain't fair sometimes.
Other highlights of the day:
  • Intubating someone I went to school with (Pretty sure pizza and heroin was his last meal, if you're interested)
  • EJ on same guy
  • Other medic hurt his knee on a call to the point he can barely bear weight. No sleepy sleepy for me
  • Did I mention I smell like puke now?

This is what I get for having the hubris to put the kayak on my car in anticipation of getting off shift at 8am.

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