Monday, August 3, 2009

This, my friends...

... this is what I have to contend with several times a day at work. This is provided by the hospital to which I bring patients slowly dying of heart disease, diabetes, cancer - you name it. Maybe they're trying to drum up future business?
I know what you're thinking: Just avoid it! That would be great, except I have to go into this room and walk past this stuff to replace what I've used on the last call. Most of the medic rooms are set up this way. Most times, I can walk past it. But, like everyone, I have my weak moments. My partner annoys me - and when this happens it's for 2 grueling weeks at a time. I'm tired. I am actually hungry, but don't have a Kashi bar or bag of almonds or an apple with me (my fault).
They try. Every once in a while, there's yogurt in the little fridge. HFCS-laden yogurt that I won't touch. Isn't that funny? I won't eat the yogurt because it has HFCS, but I'll eat the 700 calorie cookies.


  1. That sucks! Thumbs down to the medic room!

  2. Same thing here. Night shifts are the worst for eating bad food as well....its either action non stop or sitting around eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

  3. Dragonfly... love the name. Have you seen my kayak?