Thursday, April 30, 2009


.... I don't really miss cable that much. At least not while the weather is nice and I'm busy.

In the past week, however, I have:

  • landscaped my front yard, planted more perennials, and re-mulched
  • mowed the grass (yes, this is bullet-worthy.. it's a very big deal when I actually get my grass cut)

  • cleared a huge area at Dan's for our planned vegetable garden

  • pulled all the pesky oniony weed things out of the landscaping in Dan's front yard

  • taken the dog to the lake twice

  • got sunburned
  • enjoyed reading books
  • gotten to know and love RedBox movies

  • gotten all the things I need to transport the yak and get out on the water
  • put my chairs back out on the front porch and had my morning coffee out on the porch with the old girlie

Even when I'm at Dan's, when we have the tv on it's usually a Pens game, or a Bucs game, or Palladia. LOVE Palladia. I did catch up on Hell's Kitchen, the only one I keep up with these days of the many I used to.

I'm not as twitchy as I thought I'd be. All this, and I still have jetskiing to look forward to.

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