Monday, April 6, 2009

My plan to stop this craziness

It's not too far-fetched, but it would require the media to (yeah, right) show some restraint. And the entirety of media in America, from print, to internet, to tv and cable news would have to consistently adhere to the plan. Wanna hear the plan?

Next time some asshole decides they're going to senselessly take out as many innocents as possible in a hail of gunfire, before ending their own pathetic existence: DON'T GIVE THEM ANY PUBLICITY. None. Never mention their name, except in sealed court proceedings. Never tell us of their motives, or their political stance. Never show us their picture. Their MySpace page. Their online rantings. Don't interview their friends or family. Make it as if this person never even existed.

Picture the next slighted, entitled, disgruntled asshole watching the news and finding that a mass shooting was given 30 seconds maximum in the local newscast and was relegated to a little blurb buried on the 6th page of the newspaper - if that. No name or face given to the perpetrator. No voice given to their family or friends. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, there's a small chance that they will decide it's not worth all the effort? That, since they will go unnoticed anyway, and since they were planning on ending it all anyway, they'll just carry out their miserable demise alone, leaving nothing more than a scathing suicide note as a final fuck-you to those left behind?

I'm ok with that.

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