Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huh. Where have I been?

It's been a busy month. Lots of trainees. Lots of classes. Lots of working daylights and coming home to feed the dog, collapse into a hot tub to fall asleep, then stumble to bed. What's new and improved?
  • Started going to my support group, which seems like it will work out pretty well and be a good source of ideas and support. I look around at all these people putting into words all the feelings *I* have had for years and thought unique and odd. And to some extent, I'm like: "Wow! Other people feel this way too?" On the other hand, I'm also like: "Crap. I feel bad for (person's name). I know how just much that hurts."
  • A new crop of n00bs is just about trained. Whew. Halfway through a hellish 4 weeks of daylights. Ugh.
  • Water rescue class was a freaking BLAST! What was funny, or scary maybe... was watching how out of shape people were, having to stop many times to complete 100 yards swimming. But we did swim fully clothed, shoes and all, and in PFDs. Moving water training coming soon. I can't wait!
  • Water rescue class, the pool session we did last night, made me realize I miss swimming. I miss it hard. It was like finding an old friend I thought I'd lost. I need to figure out when I can go to family swim nights at the high school and swim some laps.
  • Tonight is a seminar my therapist is giving at a local hospital on handling holiday food and eating. I've been looking forward to this because I'm at a crossroads. I love, love, love to do holiday baking. I love to make pumpkin rolls, and pumpkin and blueberry pies... Several different varieties of Christmas cookies. Share them and mail them to people. Now I'm wondering if this is the best thing for me.. or for the recipients. What if I send sweets to someone who secretly struggles with the stuff, like I did? Do I really want that stuff in my house, calling to me? I can't wait to see what I learn tonight. Well.. what we learn. Dan is coming with me, and I'm happy about that too. He's been so supportive through this whole journey, but he's not getting quite the education on in that I am, what with my bi-montly sessions and group meetings and books I read. I'm relieved that he may learn some things tonight that will help him to help me. I love him for making the time for this, knowing it's important to me.

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  1. I'm glad the support group is going well. And I would like to mention to mention that I for one LOVE your Xmas cookies. xoxoxoxo