Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week in Review

It's been a good week in life and in TWOM (the Work of Me). I've been getting to the gym at the ass-crack of dawn before work a minimum of 5 days a week and getting a good hour-plus in. Bonus: the commute from the gym to work is 100% less annoying than from either house from which I commute.

The wrap-up:
Monday - legs, no cardio. I just couldn't get it together that morning. It was, after all, a Monday. I count making it to the gym at 6am and eating a homemade turkey burger for dinner (instead of the fast food I craved). Major win, in my book.
Tuesday - chest, then 30 minutes staircase for cardio. I really felt that chest workout the next few days.
Wednesday - arms/core, then 30 minutes on the staircase. Dan helped push me through the arm workout, and wow, did I feel that one the rest of the week. Thursday - back, then 30 minutes on the recumbent bike (I was feeling lazy).
Friday - shoulders/core. Dan worked out with me this day, too. Fun to have a partner to work out with. Especially when you can kick his ass at wall sits. Then, staircase for 30 minutes. I could tell it was a great workout because I was disgustingly sweaty and my muscles twitched and shook all day.
The weekend - I've done absolutely nutskin. The gym is open *exactly* the hours I work on weekends, so not an option. It was crappy out yesterday morning, so no dog walk. This morning, I'm not sure what my excuse is. There may be a dog walk in the future, but after 12 hours of work, most likely my cardio will consist of walking up the steps to the house, and weight training, lifting a book off the shelf to read in the tub.

Back at it in the am before my OT shift tomorrow. Time to plan my workouts for the week.

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