Friday, December 19, 2008

Need a Do-Over, Please.

You know your Friday OT shift is going to be fun when:
  • Your remote won't even let you into your car to go to work, and you stand out in the pouring cold rain for 10 minutes trying to make the damn thing work.
  • You arrive at work (2 minutes late when you were miraculously running 15 minutes early at one point) and realize you don't have your keys to the narcs
  • You grab your partner and rig, run home to get your keys before the shit hits the fan
  • The shit hits the fan
  • (On the way other side of town)
  • You get cancelled from the shit hitting the fan - so in theory, you could have had your damn keys in the first place if you were psychic.
  • Finally arrive home to pick up your keys, find a steaming hot pile of doggie love on the bedroom carpet
  • It is December in the NorthFreakinEast and it's going to precipitate an inch today. Rain. Not snow.

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